Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What We're Going Selling?

Hobbycon is not far now, 12 till th 13th of December 2009. So let us see what we putting on our booth that day.

Yes :D the TDD comic book. The price will be at RM 10.
Also on that day we are selling this!

We've been previewing this thing since the opening of this blog. The price will be RM 12.

Finally, we have the infamous sketch book with sticker which we called it 'my sketchbook'. If I'm not mistaken, there is 3 different design of sticker this time around. Preview for one of them, look below :D

My sketchbook will be at RM 8.

We will also be selling last year TDD comic book entitled 'The Da Dinci Code' which cost at RM 8. There will be a lot of surprises on that day for TDD fan (i.e Kwan's giant papercraft, etc etc hehe)